A Civil War Correspondent in New Orleans

Hills_978-0-7864-7193-5This book contains the never before published journals of Albert Gaius Hills, a civil war correpondent for the Boston Journal covering the Butler Expedition that captured New Orleans. His journal entries begin in November 1861 at Boston. Some entries are from his return to New Orleans with General Banks later in 1862. As a war correspondent he was privy to the movements of ships in the Gulf as well as troop movements. While getting his reports during the battle he came under rebel fire three times, all the while competing with other correspondents to send the news home. His journals and reports have been trancribed almost verbatim. On some occasions his entries seem cryptic, while most of the others are highly detailed. A narrative of his life has also been included as well as timely articles of Hills that appeared in the Boston Journal and documents he collected during his stay. The publisher is McFarland and the book may be purchased there directly or at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, walmart.com and others.

Although the book is the reason for starting this blog I intend to make posts about related items as well, and welcome any comments or questions.

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